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Road Accident Compensation Claim - Seek Claim Specialist Solicitors Help


Road accidents, no matter how minor or major, can be a disruptive and worrying. They can cause inconvenience and interruption in your regular routine. 


In many cases, the damage may be limited only to the vehicle, but people traveling in the vehicle may get injured in some of them. 


Again, whether the injury is serious or not, it can be unsettling. Injuries could range from a simple bruise, laceration, or sprain to life-threatening ones or permanent damage/disability. 


The most common injuries are whiplash, traumatic head and neck injuries, knee trauma, herniated disc, fractures, spinal cord injury, or in severe cases, amputation or loss of life. 


What To Do After An Accident


Whether the accident was with another vehicle, pedestrian, or an object, drivers have legal obligations under Section 106 of the Road Traffic Act 1961. They must:


· stay at the scene (if not injured themselves)

· provide information to Garda or exchange information with another driver

· report accident immediately if no Garda is present

· not move the vehicles without permission

· call for help if anyone is hurt

· take photos of the scene and major landmarks

· record or write down their own recollection of how the accident happened

· get contact details of witnesses if any

· contact their lawyer as soon as possible

· report the accident to their insurance company


Why You Must Get Legal Advice


It’s important to seek the advice and assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer Dublin. Road accidents are evaluated in terms of the law as all other types of accidents. Strictly speaking, the term “accident” in its purest form is not tenable in law. In legal terms, accidents are always the result of someone/something’s fault or negligence. 


This means that the injured party must establish that the injury to person or property was caused due, or partially due, to fault or negligence. The law requires that all drivers carry third-party insurance at least. Hence, the insurance company would address the claim if any driver who holds their coverage causes an accident. 


While this is the logical and ideal situation, insurance companies may dispute or deny your claim for certain reasons. In such a situation, you would need the help of reliable and reputed compensation claim solicitors. There are many aspects of law and insurance regulations that people would find difficult to understand or contest if their compensation claims are denied. 


A large number of claims are settled out of court. Road traffic accident solicitors specialize in the process of submitting the paperwork, gathering evidence of negligence or fault, calling expert witnesses, negotiating with insurers and the opposite party, and ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome. 


In many cases, the insurance company may try to persuade the injured party to accept a quick but meagre settlement. A well-trained and qualified compensation solicitor can ensure that your rights are protected, and your best interests are kept in mind while negotiating any settlement. 


If the negotiation process breaks down, your personal injury lawyer Dublin / criminal legal aid solicitors can represent you in court. 


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